Are we a virtual event?

The Great Train Race Fun Run is a virtual running event.

Can I run with my child in the kids 400m hot lap and 2km events?

Yes, guardians can run with their children free of charge, but will be required to wear a guardian wristband. You can pick these up a bib collection or on the day for free of charge.

Where can I park?

You can park at the Don River Railway Car Park or at the Don Cricket Club.

What if I can’t collect my race bib?

If you are unable to pick up your race bib, you can nominate someone to collect it on your behalf. Just be sure to communicate that with each other to avoid confusion!

What are the minimum ages to run in our events?

There is no minimum age to run in our events, but we do recommend that your child is at least these ages below to run in our events.

7 km – 14 years of age

3.5 km – 12 years of age.

2 km kids – 5 years of age.

400m hot lap ( this event is only for kids 8 years of age and under )

Are there any road closures?


Can I run with my phone or music device?

Yes you can, but please be mindful of other runners and the directions of our volunteers.

Can I get a refund or transfer my entry?

We are able to refund your registration, but we will take a 20% processing fee when doing this. You can also transfer your registration to a different event 48 hours out from race day.

Can I volunteer for the Great Train Race Fun Run?

We are always on the look out for volunteers. If you would like to help please send an email to everydaylionsevents@gmail.com.

What time should I arrive?

You should aim to arrive 20 minutes before your event and allow enough time for parking.

Who can run our event?

Anyone can run our events, it does not matter if you are a elite, gym goer, walker or just starting out.

Are there time limits for each event?

7 km – 1 hour and 45 minutes

3.5 km – 1 hour and 15 minutes

2 km – No time limit

400m – No time limit

Can I have my race number posted?

Unfortunately, we do not post race numbers to registered runners and walkers. You can pick these up on the day at 5:45 a.m. ( Train Station ) or on the 22nd and 23rd of April ( 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. ) at The Tax Centre, Devonport.

Where can I find my race results?

Your race results will be shortly available on our results tab the same day of the event. We will update this information on our Facebook page too.

What if I have lost my race number?

You can collect a new one from our registration tent on the day.